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About NCFE(UK)

A leading provider of educational services and as a not for profit organisation we have a strong heritage in learning and have been at the forefront of technical and vocational education for over 170 years.

We design, develop and certify diverse, nationally recognised qualifications and awards, which have contributed to the success of millions of learners at all levels, bringing them closer to fulfilling their personal goals.

What are Customised Qualifications?

Customised qualifications are the perfect solution for your organisation if you have training needs that aren’t met by regulated qualifications.


About On Sky Global

A leading and eminent education service provider based in the United States of America and comprises a rich portfolio of professional certification courses across Technology, Business, Digital Marketing, Project Management, Finance, Language and Heath & Wellness domains through its global associates.


About Cedar Academy (Singapore)

Edkif​iH​w​um ​y​nm​a&;tawGUBuKH &ifhusufaom ​y​nm​a&; ​t​wdkif​yif​cH​yk​*¾dKvf​rsm;? UK, USA  ​ESihf ​Edkif​iH​w​um ​t​qihf​jrihf ​w​uú​odkvf​BuD;​rsm;​rS ​yg​arm​u©​BuD;​rsm;? ​y​nm​a&;​ESihf ​oif​½dk;​ñTef;​wrf;​ qdkif​&m ​t​xl;​ uGßrf;​usif​ol​rsm;? ​Edkif​iH​t​vdkuf ​t​pdk;​&​y​nm​a&; ​aumf​r​wD​rsm;​&Sd ​t​rI​aqmif ​t​&m​&Sd​rsm;​rS ​p​wif​ wnf​axmif​cJh​aom ​puFmylEdkifiH ​t​ajcpdkuf​ y​nm​a&;​ t​zGJU​t​pnf; ​wpf​ck​jzpf​yg​onf/
Cedar Academy (Singapore) onf ​Edkif​iH​w​um​t​qihf​rD ​y​nm​a&;​qdkif​&m ​t​wdkif​yif​cH​ vkyf​ief;​rsm;​t​jyif?  Network  ​t​wGif;​&Sd ​Edkif​iH​w​um ​t​qihf​rD w​uú​odkvf​BuD;​rsm;​ESihf ​t​pdk;​&​t​zGJU​t​pnf;​rsm;​rS ​ay;​tyf​csD;​jr§ihf​onfY  Certificate, Diploma,

Bachelor Degree, Master Degree p​onhf Qualification ​t​rsdK;​rsdK;​udk ​Edkif​iH​t​oD;​oD;​wGif ​rdwf​quf​oif​Mum;​ay;​rI​rsm; jyKvkyfaevsuf&Sdygonf/Cedar Academy (Singapore) ​taejzifh ​puFm​yl​Edkif​iH​wGif SHRM College  udk​vnf; ​y​nm​a&;​0ef​aqmif​rI​ay;​ vsuf​&Sd​yg​onf/


About Parami Education (Since 2016)

UK, USA, Australia - MBA bGJY& vkyfief;tawGUBuKH &ifhusufaom ​q&m?q&mr rsm;OD;aqmifoifjum;ay;aejyD;UK, Singapore, USA​  ​ESihf ​Edkif​iH​w​um ​t​qihf​jrihf ynma&;tzGJYtpnf;​rsm;​eSifYtwl ​yg​arm​u©​BuD;​rsm;? ​y​nm​a&;​ESihf ​oif​½dk;​ñTef;​wrf;​ qdkif​&m ​t​xl;​ uGßrf;​usif​ol​rsm;?jrefrmedifiHtusdK;jyKtwGuf txl;oifjum;ay;aeaom ​ y​nm​a&;​ t​zGJU​t​pnf; ​wpf​ck​jzpf​yg​onf/

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